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DWI Assessments/Services


A. DWI and Substance Abuse Assessments

  • A DWI assessment is an initial evaluation of an individual’s use of alcohol and/or other impairing substances. It consists of a written psychological screening and a face-to-face clinical interview. The entire process usually takes 1-1 ½ hours.
  • Substance abuse assessments are often required by the court for drug-related offenses and other court proceedings. We are happy to assist you if you are requiredto obtain one. Although, more focused, they are similar in nature to DWI assessments with an added emphasis on an individual’s use and abuse of impairing substances other than alcohol.

B. Education and Treatment

DWI Education and Treatment Programs (DWI Assessment and Counseling Services offers group services in English and in Spanish)

1. ADETS (Alcohol and Drug Education and Traffic School): 16 hours – This is the state-mandated curriculum for first time DWI offenders that meet certain requirements. If the convicted person did not refuse the breathalyzer test, does not meet diagnostic criteria for substance abuse, and has a recorded Blood Alcohol Content of .14 or less, he or she will qualify for ADETS.

2. Short-Term Outpatient Treatment: 20-39 hours – DWI offenders who have previously been convicted of a DWI, refused the breathalyzer test, blew over .14, have previously completed ADETS, or met the criteria for substance abuse, could qualify for this program. Groups must take place over a minimum of 30 days or more, per state DMV requirements. 

3. Long-term Outpatient Treatment I: 40-89 hours – For offenders that meet diagnostic criteria for substance dependence or previously completed Short- Term Outpatient Treatment.  Groups must take place over a minimum of 60 days, or longer, per DMV requirements.

4. Intensive Outpatient Treatment II: 90 hours – Offenders that have previously been convicted of a DWI, have already completed a long-term treatment program, or are in active addiction could qualify for long term treatment. Participants in intensive programs must attend groups three times a week for no less than 90 days per state guidelines. DWI Assessments and Counseling Services, LLC does not provide Intensive Outpatient Treatment, but we can refer you to a local provider.

5. Inpatient Treatment: Clients in active addiction who need medical assistance or detoxification should seek inpatient rehabilitation treatment. DWI Assessment and Counseling Services does not provide inpatient treatment, but we can refer you to a local provider.

6. After-Care Treatment: 20 hours/varies. Follows inpatient treatment. Total treatment time can be no less than 90 days (from beginning of inpatient to cessation of after-care).

What to bring to an Assessment:

  1. Cost of assessment ($100 per case) in cash or money order.
  2. Ticket, BAC (breathalyzer/blood test/or documentation of Refusal)
  3. NC lifetime driving record (uncertified). Let us know if you need assistance in obtaining record when scheduling appointment.  Cost is $10 on DMV website.
  4. Photo ID if available (recommended).